Goal Driven Wealth Management

You want financial securityWe all do. 

You have goals.  You have a vision of your future.  Maybe you're thinking of education expenses for children or grandchildren, buying a second home, providing for your family in the event of an unforeseen illness or death, or leaving a legacy for generations to come.  Whether you’re a corporate executive, a business or practice owner, or an individual planning for your or your family's future, you’ll need help making sure those dreams become reality.   Because life has a way of always changing, you know the plans you make today are going to change along with it.  You’ll need to adapt, and find someone who can change and grow along with you.

You need a wealth management partner and comprehensive financial planning that's designed to help grow, protect, and conserve your wealth, guiding you on the path to achieving your life goals. 

You need a corporate partner.  Many executives and employees may miss out on benefits offered by their company, simply because they don’t understand how they can maximize them.  We can help with educating employees and counseling executives on the many complex benefits offered to them by their employers.  Because ARGI Financial Group is the parent company of wholly owned subsidiaries that offer all the services required when providing comprehensive wealth management, you get the added benefit of dedicated teams of specialists, not just a single advisor. 

ARGI Financial Group is the parent company to: 

ARGI Investment Services - Independent, Registered Investment Advisor providing fee-based financial planning and investment management. In addition, Investment Advisor Representatives offer retirement planning services for plan sponsors and participants through our Qualified Plan Services department. 

ARGI Business Services – Business and tax planning specialists offering comprehensive business planning and tax planning strategies for business owners. 

Advisor Insurance Solutions - Risk management brokerage general agent, providing access to protection products (Life Insurance, Fixed Annuities, Disability Insurance and Long Term Care) and insurance strategies support for advisors.

 Retirement Plan Support Services – Marketing, implementation and facilitation of qualified retirement plans for financial advisors.

You need instant, global access.  The ARGI Gateway is our 24-hour, secure, web-based solution to consolidating all your financial information in one place.  Our virtual vault allows you to keep important estate and travel documents easily accessible to you when needed.  No matter where you are or what time zone you’re in, you will always be just a few clicks away from your financial information. 

You need more.  Because ARGI Investment Services is a Registered Independent Advisor, you receive objective advice and recommendations, based on your best interests.  There are some firms that are limited by product constraints, but our recommendations are never based on advisor compensation or the current “hottest trends”. 

We’re not salespeople; we’re educators.  We take our job as your trusted advisor very seriously, and believe it is our privileged duty to provide the information, tools and guidance you need to make informed decisions regarding your financial future.

To that effect, we are constantly striving to improve our processes and communication so you can receive the absolute best advice and service we can give.  ARGI Investment Services’ Investment Committee meets regularly to debate current research, review recommendations for portfolio changes, and implement strategies designed to make the most of your investment. Our Wealth Management Committee collaborates on special case reviews to develop solutions designed to be uniquely relevant in relation to our clients' goals. This multi-disciplinary approach is just one of the unique features of working with ARGI.

Why do we do what we do?  Because there is no greater feeling in the world than striving to ensure the success of our clients.  It starts with a vision.  It happens with a plan.  If you're considering wealth management, you can take our discovery survey to get started, or contact us to request a complimentary consultation.